Recipe Search

I find myself searching for recipes on the web a fair bit, and it’s true that there’s a lot of good recipes out there. But I’ve also got a ton of cookery books lying around the flat. The problem is that I tend to browse the cookery books and use the web when I’m searching for something specific. What I need is a system that searches the web but also gives me a list of books that I own that also contain a matching recipe (with pages or sections ideally). It shouldn’t be that hard …
I was looking at Ning which would allow the search / cross reference, or it’d be easy enough knock up something using php or perl or whatever. The major problem is the effort of transcribing the index of the books I have into the system, even if the index was shared I doubt people would expend the effort to add their own in.

Of course if Google Book Search gets anywhere then they’ll have this sort of thing covered, you’ll just need to bolt something onto the Google API that filters results according to books it knows you have.

I’m sure I’m missing the obvious step that makes this all possible and useful, but it’s not come to me yet.

One Response to “Recipe Search”

  1. Moron Says:

    Convince publishers to publish(?!) online indices to their books. (Is there value in the content of indices?)

    Download them to create your own personal index library. Then search that before searching the web.

    Or just buy e-books.