I don’t go to gigs much, not because I don’t want to but because I never know they’re on until too late. I was reminded of this on my way to work this morning when I saw a poster for a Regina Spektor (iTunes) gig at Cabaret Voltaire. Sadly the gig is tonight, and I’m already busy, and it’s sold out. I’m not too depressed as I saw her in the festival, and I’m sure she’ll be back again but I resolved that I should try and be better informed about upcoming gigs.

Now I do occasionally get e-mails with upcoming gigs, but they get spam binned, or I forget, or miss the choice local gig in the middle of all the list of naff national ones.

What I need, I figured, is a RSS feed for gigs in Edinburgh, or even Scotland. So the rest of my short saunter into work consisted of wondering if I could knock up such a thing by automatically scraping the Ticketmaster site or something. But no need, it’s been done. A brief search turned up which has gigs by area and, wonderfully, an RSS feed for each page. Here’s the Scotland ‘All Music’ feed which I’m now using to keep a eye on what’s upcoming.

Of course that’s a fairly broad search, ideally you’d have a better filter so you get results you’re interested in. There’s probably other feeds out there that do similar things too.

Even more impressive would be to go a stage further and tailor the feed to know where you’re going to be on certain days. I’m going on holiday in a few weeks so the feed could automatically exclude gigs from Scotland for those days and add in gigs from a feed for Prague instead.

I think one of the areas we’ll see websites working on is using RSS for a wider variety of things, which in turn will lead application developers to find ways of combining different RSS feeds to provide useful applications. Now if I can come up with something useful before anyone else …

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    […] A while back I talked about wanting an RSS feed for gigs in my area. Using the ones I found from seems to be working OK but they’re not perfect. There’s a lot of events there that I don’t care about, the feeds themselves don’t contain much information so you’re forced to go to the website to check and the ways the feeds are formed off the searches means the date coverage of the feeds is a bit odd. […]