Banana and Tomato

It’s been a bit quiet around here lately. I’ve thought of posting a few different things but I’m always wary of posting whatever flits through my mind. Otherwise I fall into the trap of posting stuff like this:

I tend to have a bit spare fruit lying around, so I’m fond of trying to do new things with it before it goes too ripe and mushy. This led to me throwing bits of banana in the pasta sauce I made tonight — it was interesting and I think that the right blend of bacon, tomato, banana and chilli might have the makings of something really special. Or maybe I’m just odd.

That’s the sort of inanity that you’re spared when I decide not to post anything at all. There’s plenty of that already on the web, hell if that’s your bag then there’s a new site dedicated to it.

So, there’ll be more posts when something moves me to post.

Or when I perfect my chibactomban sauce.

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