Resolutions …

Well the dawning of the new year is almost upon us and it’s the time when, after a few drinks and during a lull in the conversation, people ask about resolutions. It’s a tradition I quite like, it’s not really taken too seriously and it inspires people to think and, perhaps, change something.

I’ve made resolutions most years, some serious, some not so, some detailed, some just an idea. Most I’ve followed through with to some degree or another. This (last) year I resolved to try and get out of the comfortable rut that I find myself in, try new things, go new places, meet new people. I think I achieved that, although it may be cheating to just sod off for on an exotic holiday for a month and not really change much the rest of the time.

A few years back I resolved to actually make an effort to get in contact with old friends and stay in contact with current ones, it was a pretty good resolution and it worked well but I’ve since lapsed into my less communicative ways. I think this year is a pretty good time to resurrect that one, get in touch with old friends, make an effort to go visit people near and far … we’ll see how it goes.

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