Packing, Paranoia and Zombie Dogs?

I’ve been putting off packing for my holiday mostly because the pile of stuff to go clearly doesn’t fit in the bag I have.

Normally I’d don’t take much stuff but since I’m going to a wedding whilst I’m away I need to take a full kilt outfit. Of course I could just put it in a suit bag and take it separately but I’m joining a tour after the wedding and I’m really limited to one bag. Fortunately it does look like it’ll all fit, with some work and some tweaking.

And if not there’s always plan B: duct tape the suit bag to my ruck sack and claim that it’s all one bag …

Life is complicated by the fact I keep investigating anything that sounds like dripping water, of course it’s just the normal sounds my flat but I’m a bit paranoid. Every shadow on the ceiling looks like a new waterstain and I just can’t help thinking that the first thing I’m going to find when I come back is my new bathroom ceiling collapsed in bits in the bath.

So, to take my mind off all of this, I went to see Resident Evil: Extinction. What can I say? It’s not high quality cinema, but it knows exactly what it is and delivers on all counts. A Perfect Popcorn Movie as one of the imdb reviews says. And it’s got Milla Jovovich being all superpowered and kicking ass. What more could you want?

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