The battle of the bathroom continues apace, this means that I’m getting calls on a fairly regular basis from one workman or other wanting to do whatever is next on the list.

When I’m not in they leave voicemail, this typically involves some preamble about who they are with a request to call them back followed by a mobile number reeled off as fast as possible. This morning I had to play the message four times to get the number right. And I had to play the entire message because that’s the only option my work voicemail has.

Why? Why can’t voicemail have a rewind or a fast forward function, even a ‘replay the last ten seconds’ button would work. Or let’s go all 21st century and notice when a number is being read out and do speech recognition to get the digits or slow down the playback. Digital voicemail is an option on most phone lines but it’s functionality is worse than you’d get on an old-style tape based answering machine.

There’s probably systems out there that do all this and more, but I’ve not found one yet.

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