Less Awesome

Generally when I consider anything I’ve not tried before I assume I’ll be brilliant at it. It’s surprising how few times this turns out to be true. This leads me to two conclusions, every time I try something new and find out I’m not brilliant at it I become slightly less awesome. Therefore I should never try anything new, to preserve my current level of awesomeness.

Sadly I can’t help myself and so this morning I find myself less awesome after turning my hand to golf last night.

Not full blown, freezing cold, outdoor golf. But more civilised indoor simulated golf complete with a few pints.

As I lined up my first shot it occurred to me that I didn’t know the first thing about golf, but not to worry I was probably a natural. After my first (and many subsequent shots) I was forced to come to the conclusion that I wasn’t a natural.

Fortunately we were playing as a team and using a system where everyone got a shot and then the team picked the best shot and then play continued from there, so my pathetic golfing could be carried along by the two more experienced players on my team.

All in all it’s a good laugh, and not too pricey if you turn up with a few people, and they’ve got some pretty impressive technology running it. But unlike something like bowling, it does help if you have half a clue what you’re doing beforehand, otherwise you look like a bit of a idiot.

Over the nine holes I only played one shot that was better than my teammates shots.

That shot was to make a putt for an eagle on the final hole.

To give our team the win by one shot.

Making me slightly more awesome again.

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