An inauspicious start

So, the start of the new year found me waking up on the couch. And not even my couch.

As a start to the new year it’s not the best, but no worse than I might have expected.

It’s after that that it’s gone downhill, today my hangover receded to reveal a particularly nasty cold. Which would have been OK but I’d foolishly opted to go into work today which was not the most pleasant experience.

I struggled through the day and even managed to do a bit of tiding when I got home tonight.

Sadly that was a step too far, while washing the dishes I noticed a particularly foul aroma. This was interesting as I’d not been able to smell anything else all day so I knew it was pretty bad. It was then I heard my least favourite noise, dripping water. Turns out the waste pipe from the sink had broken where the outlet from the washing machine joins it, drenching the cupboard under the sink in foul smelling water. And I can still smell it despite my blocked nose.

So, starting the year with another plumbing fiasco. Fantastic.

Time for a beer.

On the bright side, the kitchen should all be getting replaced shortly so I only need to patch up the plumbing for a few weeks. Even I can manage that.

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