Quick Update

Hmmm, yesterdays post was surprisingly coherent given the state I was in when I wrote it.

First up this is all going to take a few months to shake out, possibly up to a year, so I have plenty of time to sort things out.

I was already diligently clearing up my finances, this was because I’d was assembling a war chest to take to Vegas in March but none of that is booked so I shouldn’t be in too bad a shape at the start of next year.

Secondly I’ve already been investigating changing my job, or taking an extended sabbatical. I’ve settled into a nice comfortable rut, doing my nice comfortable job and living my nice comfortable life. I would have continued to do that for next fifteen years and would have turned round when I’m fifty and wondered where my life had gone.

So, this is not the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. It was about time …

That’s the upbeat assessment of the situation, the downbeat view is

Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oww, I’m hungover. Oh Fuck. Fix it. Fix it. Fix it. Fuck.

I wonder if I could become a professional gambler …

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