Plan B

I mentioned ‘Plan B’ a few posts back when I discovered my employment was less assured than it had been.

So what is it ? 

The truth is plan B isn’t really a plan to find a new job, it’s a plan I’ve had for a while to set my self up to either leave my job or take a sabbatical and sod off travelling for a bit. 

It revolves around finding out how I can rent out my flat while I’m not here, then sorting out my finances to accommodate that and powering through the inevitable list of things I’ll need to do to make it all possible.

So this morning a nice man from Broughton Property Management came round and provided me with details of the finances and that big list of things to do. 

Fortunately almost everything on the list was stuff I should really do anyway. So there’s no harm in doing it and then being prepared for the possibility of renting. 

This doesn’t mean that I’m definitely sodding off to foreign shores, either for employment or just for fun, I’m simply getting myself to the position where I could do so given, say, a few months notice. I could just take another job in Edinburgh, and I might. But from experience I know that after the initial challenge wears off I’ll just fall into the same old routine that I’ve been merrily following for eight years. 

It seems like this has come along at exactly the sort of time I was thinking of changing things up, it’d be foolish not to at least investigate the chance of moving abroad for a year or two. Maybe even junking telecoms, or even software, and doing something else. I googled ‘Poker Tournament Director Jobs’ this morning … 

There’s still lots to sort out, and lots of potential for things to change between now and then. So next year I may still be in Edinburgh, retiring to my couch after a hard day to watch whatever dross is on telly.

Or maybe I’ll be sitting on a balcony in Malta doing contract work on my laptop and sipping white wine. 

Yes, I know the reality isn’t going to match the dream, but I can still dream. 

And that Malta dream isn’t realistic.

I don’t sip wine. 

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