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Where’s the tumbleweed?

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Hmmm, there’s a gaping hole in my post history, what should I do? 

Ignore it? Retro-post some stuff in the gap? Pretend I’ve been abucted by aliens? Pretend I’ve been busy with ‘life’? 

It’s a tough call, and the truth is I mostly post from work, and sadly work has been taken up with quite a lot of real work at the moment and it’s hamperred my posting. 

I’d could make up the gap from home but between the Edinburgh Festival and my continuing quest to visit the whole EU it’s been a bit hectic. 

I’d promise to do better if future, but anyone that’s followed my web presence over the years knows that it’s been intermittant at best and it’ll probably continue that way. 

Still if I’m to complete this years resolution than I’m due 19 EU country posts before the end of the year, which is almost two a week. 

That’s if I manage to visit them all …