Best Laid Plans …

I imagined that, living in Manila with few distractions, I’d have plenty of free time to catch up with various tasks, post multiple interesting updates and generally explore the area.

But I find myself sitting on the couch, with a beer, again. There’s no crushing boredom to inspire me to action, I have to be sensible in order to get into work at a sensible time and I’ve hurt my foot which is curtailing too much mooching around the area.

It’s completely different to my normal travelling where I feel compelled to do stuff whenever I can, since I know I’ll have plenty of time to do all that there’s no real urgency.

I don’t mind this at all, it’s quite nice, I know I’ll get round to things sooner or later and it gives me time to relax.

Which I need since each week seems to end with my employers deciding that I’ll be responsible for an extra aspect of work on the site, swelling my workload in an alarming manner from what I originally applied for only a few months ago. Interestingly they tend to drop this bombshell when we’re in the pub after work.

Sorry this is a bit of a dull update, I will have to make a special effort to go find some stuff to take photos of and write about, otherwise people will begin to suspect that I’m not really in Manila at all.

One Response to “Best Laid Plans …”

  1. andrew muir Says:

    Stay out the pub then. Been saying that for years, but it now appears to be really damaging your health 🙂