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20th January 2002
"Tinkerbell my winged friend, I think we've got it wrong" -- Couldn't put it better myself. Frankly life is pish, but it's returned to the general dull level of sloshing pish that is almost reassuring background noise. This means I've finally managed to motivate myself to do some work on this damn site. UnorthodoxY has all the pages finished, although no articles are written.

Win UnorthodoxY stuff
For your chance to win UnorthodoxY merchandise, and walk the path less travelled, get your thinking gear round this. UnorthodoxY needs some slogans, or one good slogan, to put on merchandise. Currently I'm thinking "What Box?", "What Envelope?" and stuff like that -- I don't know if it's too obscure. Send your ideas to and if we use your idea we'll bung you some of the merchandise in return. Stay tuned for more exciting chances to show your UnorthodoxY.

To Do List
Need to check the colours.
Need to finish new logo.
Need articles, also still have NetScape/Opera/Solaris problems.
Need to put the text in those damn buttons at the top - or just junk the buttons and put a banner ad there ????