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So dark the con of man …

Friday, May 26th, 2006

I went to see The Da Vinci Code a few nights back and, since everyone and their dog is talking about it and Da Vinci related nonsense (hell there’s even a diet fad), I’m going to indulge myself with a bit of a review. So, beware some spoilers for the film and book after the jump. For those not jumping, I’d recommend seeing it if you have time to kill, just don’t expect too much.

That nutjob again …

Monday, May 15th, 2006

Despite saying that I’d not shell out for another Tom Cruise movie I went to see MI:III at the weekend. Again no real review here other than to say it’s a decent film, has some very nice bits in it and then general pace of the film make it feel way shorter than it’s two hour running time, which is a good thing. I think I preferred it to the other MI films and it does seem to echo the series a bit more, although I recall the series being a lot more inventive than we’ve seen in the films.

One problem was that when I watched it I saw Tom Cruise, not Ethan Hunt, not even Tom Cruise playing Ethan Hunt, I saw Tom Cruise: Nutjob. I recently watched Collateral and didn’t have the same problem, dunno if he’s got worse or it’s just my preconceptions kicking in. I’m guess other people have similar problems since it did quite poorly at the box office. Still, it’s well worth going to see, and I expect it’s going to be easily the best of the ‘big three’ films out in May, since I’m not fussed for The Da Vinci Code and X-Men 3 is getting lukewarm reviews.

V for Vendetta

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

Went to see V for Vendetta last night, no review here though, you can find plenty of others on the web from mostly positive to mixed to scathing.

Opinion is clearly divided, although it’s generally rated higher by regular viewers than by the paid critics, so all I’m going to suggest is ignore all of that and go see it anyway. Not for any political reasons, but just because, despite it’s flaws, it’s still a damn good film and well worth seeing.

The Hills Have Eyes

Thursday, March 16th, 2006

Last night I went to see The Hills Have Eyes. It’s times like that when I wonder if it’s normal to want to scare yourself witless for an hour or so. Mini-review after the jump.