The gallery is being replaced, the old page is still here and probably always will be although the link will disappear.

My plan is to put the best pictures unto my flickr pages, properly organised, tagged, commented and under Creative Commons. Since that’ll take ages I’m also going to host every picture I have on this site in a new mini-gallery.

So hit the links below to pop-up a new viewer for that set, these pictures are directly off my hard drive, no editing, sorting, rotation, anything. The viewer is still a bit of a work in progress and may get tweaked over time, currently hover along the filmstrips to see a medium size view of each picture, click to pop-up the full-res picture.

Update: I’ve got it to pop-up the window in IE now (it didn’t like dots in the name of the new frame). But it’ll not render anything, doesn’t look like IE accepts the same syntax as FireFox. I’ll fix it once I work out what’s wrong. Until then, use FireFox.

Feedback on the picture, picture viewer, or anything else is always welcome, skip to the about page for the feedback form.